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Sharp combination of tradition and innovation. The new premium knife developed by Casstrom in collaboration with Karesuando Knives of Sweden. The name of new super knife, ?Skarpsint RWL 34? translates ?sharp minded?, emphasising the properties of the knife and the use of one of the world?s best knife steels - RWL 34 from Damasteel of Sweden. Typical Karesuando knives are hardened to 57-58 HRC which is generally considered an optimal hardness balancing ductility and brittleness of a high quality steel. RWL 34 is a premium powder steel with an evenly distributed solidification structure, increasing fracture strength, allowing tempering to a higher hardness (HRC 60-62) without encountering the typical issues of brittleness or risk for fractures. By using this high performance premium steel, Karesuando has produced a very refined and virtually unbreakable knife for the really fussy knife

buyer that will hold its edge for longer. The handle is made from selected curly birch and reindeer antler. The knife comes with a sturdy vegetable tanned leather and has a lifetime guarantee. Blade dimensions: 10 x 2.4 x 0.3cm RWL 34 blade.

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