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1.0 Litre ghillie Explorer kettle is designed for all outdoor activities. the kettle is a twin skinned vessel that holds the water between the two skins, place the kettle on its stand and fill with leaves, twigs, fir cones,paper and boil in 3 - minutes

How it works

A Ghillie kettle will boil in 3 - 5 minutes depending on the fuel you're using. made from aluminium it is essentially a double-walled chinmey with the water contained in the chinmey wall. once the kettle is filled with water, simplet start a very small fire in the base, set the kettle on the base and drop the additional fuel (twigs,leaves,grass,paper etc) down the chinmey. the large internal surface area of the chinmey heats the water very quickly. When the water boils, hold the handle at an angle of 90o to the kettle - then lift the kettle clear of the base. To pour, lift it by the handle and tilt it using the whistle chain. the Ghillie kettle has been internally cleaned and supplied with a whistle to let you know when its boiling. These are quality British made products.

price includes postage and packing

£45.00 - Explorer


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